Professional Services and Consulting offered

A wide array of expertise to help you tackle any of the technical goals you have.

Have a one off problem or a crazy technical challenge that doesn't fit into a box? Reach out to us and we'd love to come up with a solution.

Custom Software Solutions

Whether you are trying to keep track of your data, importing and reporting on data from 3rd parties, automating internal processes or anything in between we provide a custom tailored solution to achieve the highest levels of quality and performance possible.

Managed Hosting

We provide a managed hosting solution to help acquire available domain names and have your website running in the cloud without having to get your hands dirty. Successful business rarely has the bandwidth to setup and manage web servers to get their company sites up and running, so a managed solution allows you to focus on what it is that you do best. If you don't have a site already we love building company sites and hosting them at a discount!

Branded Web Site

A company web site makes the difference in todays increasingly internet driven economy. A restaraunt landing page with a menu or a company page with contact information and service listings being listed on the big search engines has potential to sky rocket your bottom line.

We offer a managed hosting service to help you acquire an available domain name, host it in the cloud and maintain & monitor the site in order to set you up for maximum success. We even offer a great discount for building out a site and managing the hosting for it!

Web Application

A custom system and application can be built to help your company interact with it's data, third parties or users. As your company grows the need for proprietary platforms can be the catalyst to propel your business to the next level and provide huge value for your company and your customers.

Android App

Building a native Android application can help you differentiate yourself as a company and provide great value to your customers with a custom application. Being able to build out a custom android application is a great way to help your employees become more efficient with their day and let the app do some of the busy work.

Dev Ops Consulting

Managing source control, running test pipelines, automating build processes, deploying services, and managing servers and kubernetes clusters can be a daunting task, but a well managed process gets immediate results as well as pays huge dividends to a company building out a technical infrastructure and developing software projects.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning has quickly become a viable solution to problems we encounter in the work force. We want to help bring machine learning to companies in order to free up tedious decision making in business processes and let people focus on the big problems they face every day.

Social Media Management

Having your business on social media is the best way to reach customers and users. The number of social media platforms seem to grow indefinitely so we offer services to help get setup and stay afloat with social networks to help you succeed.