Software & Technical Consulting

State of the art technical solutions with over a decade of experience. The highest quality software, hosting and infrastructure services provided with an emphasis on efficiency to ensure your business succeeds. We're located in the beatiful island of Puerto Rico.

Making businesses work better through technology

We are dedicated to transforming complex business problems into simple and maintainable solutions that bring tangible results to the work place. Light weight applications with the simplest approach are always the most easily adopted and maintained tools, with those principals we strive to go from idea to success as quickly as possible.

We love all technology

Whether it's a simple web site, an interactive web-application, android applications, data transformation and reporting, machine learning, custom integrations and much more, we deliver superior service and software. The landscape of technology is constantly evolving and more and more the businesses that capitalize on being in the forefront of it reap the most benefits, we are multidisciplined to ensure that no matter the problem at hand we are able to deliver the best solution and technology to conquer it.

Dev-Ops - Managed Hosting and Cloud Infrastructure doesn't have to be hard

Building a website and keeping it hosted, managing lots of application data, processing tons of customer records and custom reports are all problems that modern businesses encounter and we're ready to help take your business online and connected without having to buy over priced solutions or managing it in house.

We are fluent in AWS and Digital Ocean - whether it's managed cloud hosting or helping spin up a kubernetes cluster for your microservices. In the rapidly evolving world of computing it's vital to have real world experience to help work out the details to let you focus on the vision and day to day business.

Check out the services and technology we offer and don't hesitate to reach out to us to chat about your next project and go from idea to production now.